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Modern Dental Office

We are proud to have designed a dental office that goes beyond the basics and has deluxe features for our patients to enjoy. When you visit Dentistry of The Pines, we hope to exceed your expectations with an exceptional experience and truly modern dentistry.

Sit Back & Relax

We want to set your mind at ease while we look after your dental health. We encourage you to take advantage of our many amenities in both our reception area and in our private treatment rooms.

TV & Movies

Keep up with your favorite shows even while at the dentist. We offer premium TV and movie streaming options so you can make yourself at home.

Office-Wide WiFi

Log onto our office WiFi so you can stay connected, check emails, surf the web, and more throughout your appointment.

Complimentary Beverages

Before your appointment, enjoy freshly brewed coffee, a cup of hot tea, or a refreshing bottle of water on us.

Kids Play Area

Are you a parent coming in for an appointment? We have a designated kids play area with toys and video games, so you’re welcome to bring your child with you.

Music Headphones

Tune out with our noise-cancelling headphones while we get to work. This is an especially comforting option for those with dental anxiety or fear.

Comfy Blankets

You can snuggle up with one of our cozy blankets while in the dental chair. Just let a team member know that you’d like one!

A Higher Standard of Care

We use the latest and greatest dental technology not just because it makes our work easier and more efficient, but because it leads to a better patient experience for you as well! Our office is a state-of-the-art facility with leading-edge tools that raise the bar when it comes to dental care.


Our CEREC® technology allows us to create custom dental restorations from start to finish in under an hour. That means we can create, manufacture, and place crowns, all from our very own office, in just one appointment.

To learn more about CEREC®, visit our Same-Day Crowns page.

Intraoral Camera

We’re big on bringing you into your treatment process, and our intraoral camera lets us give you a dentist’s view into your own oral health. We take images with this camera to then project on a screen for your viewing. You’ll get to see for yourself what we’re looking at and why we’re recommending certain treatments.


Since our dental care revolves around you, we want to ensure your comfort while in the dental chair. The Isolite™ system allows you to relax your jaw and helps us work more efficiently with its bright light and self-aspirating system.

Soft Tissue Laser

We use laser dentistry to safely and precisely kill bacteria and treat gum disease. Using a soft tissue laser means there’s no drilling, scalpels, or sutures involved. Better still for you, lasers actually lead to a faster healing process too!

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